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J. Mark Dobbs, Psy.D., HSPP - Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Mark Dobbs is a clinical psychologist, licensed in the state of Indiana and holding the health service provider in psychology (HSPP) credential.  He is the founder of Indianapolis Christian Psychological Services.  He has more than 30 years of clinical experience working with adults and adolescents.  In addition to counseling responsibilities, Dr. Dobbs has taught as an adjunct professor in the Masters in Counseling program at Indiana Wesleyan University., and with the TCMI Institute in Vienna, Austria; an Evangelical seminary founded byTCM International.  Dr. Dobbs serves as an elder at Chapel Rock Christian Church, and has served as a trustee for Covenant Christian high school in Indianapolis, IN.  He is currently serving with the Clapham consulting group, based in Indianapolis.

Dr. Dobbs is a graduate of the Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University.  Rosemead was one of the first fully accredited graduate programs in clinical psychology from a conservative, evangelical Christian perspective.  Rosemead is fully approved (credentialed) by the American Psychological Association (APA).  Rosemead requires a full five years of academic studies including a full year clinical internship for the doctoral degree.

Dr. Dobbs completed his APA approved internship at the Didi Hirsch community mental health center, in West Los Angeles, with a specialization in crisis counseling, and working with people suffering from severe mental illness.  He has worked in community mental health in both Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, and in two separate not-for-profit Christian counseling agencies in Southern California.  He was initially licensed as a psychologist in California before moving to Indiana.  In Indiana he has worked on a contract basis for the Indiana Dept. of Corrections (Women's Work Release program) and for the Indiana Dept. of Health at the Indiana Soldier's and Sailor's Children's home.

Dr. Dobbs' academic and psychological interests include personality theory, object relations psychotherapy, the integration of Christian theology and psychology, Christian missions, and spiritual formation.  He grew up in a ministers' family and from that experience, has a strong desire to serve pastors and their families in their counseling needs.  He is currently pursuing interests in writing.  He loves the Lord Jesus deeply.