What to Expect


What you say in a counseling relationship is protected by law. We will work hard to protect your confidentiality and your legal rights to privacy under the law. Legal exceptions to this law include revealing intent to harm yourself or someone else, information about an abused child, dependent adult or a court subpoena for records. We will be glad to furnish you with a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices, which details our privacy policies, at your request, or you may read it online here.


Standard practice is for your next appointment to be set up during each counseling session. It generally works best to set up an on-going appointment time so that you have that time reserved each week. Counseling tends to flow more smoothly when you have a consistent time in the week to do "psychological work." Each of our therapists handles their own schedules. Check below for information on how to reach your therapist directly. Our office manager, will be happy to assist you if you have difficulty reaching your therapist, and she will be glad to help you with your initial appointment.   

Phone Calls

Once you are established with your therapist you will be communicating directly with him or her by phone and email.  Each of our therapists manages their own schedule and so questions about your counseling scheduled should be addressed directly to your therapist. Here is a list of current therapists and phone numbers:

  • Dr. Mark Dobbs           317-291-9007
  • Lori Britton                   317-289-8855
  • G. Michael Goodwin    317-918-4709
  • Tony Trapp                   317-440-6677
  • Cheryl Vance                317-514-0491


Each of our therapists set their own fees. Our fees are generally lower thanthose of other licensed professional's in the Indianapolis community. Please contact us for more specific information. We want to help you find quality, affordable counseling, and we maintain a referral list of professional Christian counselors in the Indianapolis area. If you need a therapist with a lower fee than we can offer, or someone closer to where you live we may be able to help you.

Financial Hardship

If you are unable to pay for services at the standard rate, we may be able to agree upon a payment schedule depending on your income level. We are happy to provide you with the names of other counseling agency's that may be able to serve you for lower fees.  

Insurance & Billing

IndyPsych no longer provides any direct insurance billing services.  It is customary to pay your full fee at each counseling appointment.  Since each of our therapists is an independent contractor, each sets their own policies in regards to billing and insurance. In general, we will can provide you with a super-bill that you can submit to your insurance company.  But be advised that insurance billing requires the submission of a formal medical / mental health diagnosis code.  We regret that we cannot process managed care or preferred provider forms.  We are able to accept payment by check, cash, or credit/debit card including most medical savings account cards.

Mental health insurance has become increasingly complex in recent years. Many insurance companies require you to see a therapist on their approved list, and some may not cover masters level therapists at all. They may reimburse at lower rates for out-of-network providers, or not at all. If you are counting on your insurance to pay for psychotherapy expenses be sure contact your insurance company prior to scheduling your first appointment.  Your employers' human services department, or employee assistance program may be able to help you understand your mental health insurance benefits.

Please Note:  Each therapist at IndyPsych is an independent contractor and may have policies that differ slightly.