Patricia Elliot is a licensed Professional Counselor, who is licensed in 3 states and has been practicing for over 20 years, She has worked as an MFLC since September 2009. She began doing rotational assignments at Ft Campbell, KY. Patricia has completed 3 embedded (6 months) assignments with the Army at Ft Campbell( Rakkasans, 4th Brigade), Ft Drum (HHBN) and Ft Lewis (HHBN). She also coordinated and participated in 3 surge assignments. In 2014, she was assigned to Germany working as an adult MFLC. She worked with service-members and their families around issues of military lifestyle, deployment/reintegration, relationships, stress and anger management, transitions and grief among other issues. Patricia has experience in doing briefings, presentations and psycho-educational groups. The past 2 years Patricia has been working with military youth and families in the CYB program for the Army and Air Force. She recently completed an assignment at Minot AFB. She has substantial experience working with adults, children, families and couples.

Prior to working as an MFLC she obtained experience in an inpatient setting working with all age groups. She spent approximately 2 years working inpatient with older adults, then 2 years with inpatient and intensive outpatient with children and youth. Patricia also worked 6 years as a crisis intervention specialist with several hospitals in Indianapolis IN.

Patricia began running her own private practice in 1999 where she worked with individuals, couples, children and youth and families. She dealt with issues such as loss and grief, PTSD (certified in EMDR), parenting issues and life coping skills. She is quite adept at identifying chronic problems and referring to the necessary agencies for the best care possible. Her strengths are best utilized in the areas of everyday life coping and management skills. She has successfully educated and trained many in effective communication and coping skills.

She can be reached at (931) 261-3933  and at